Athletics Program

The athletic program at The Williams School provides students with the opportunity to develop individual leadership qualities and self-confidence, as well as physical competence.

Students increase their mental and physical skills, body control, endurance, and strength by competing with other students in both recreational and interscholastic endeavors. It is the hope of the Athletic Department that these experiences will foster good sportsmanship and lead to a lifetime of healthy living through regular exercise.

Each student in the Upper School must complete two co-curricular credits per year. A co-curricular credit is either a season (fall, winter and spring) of an interscholastic sport or a season-long independent program.*

Any student who is a team member in an interscholastic sport for a season earns a unit for that season. Students who do not play on interscholastic teams must follow an independent program to receive credits. If students are involved in outside athletic programs (i.e. gymnastics, dance, riding, etc.) with instructors with whom they meet regularly, they must complete and submit an Independent Co-Curricular Application to the Athletic Department at the beginning of each season. In addition, students must complete and return Seasonal Reports to the Athletic Department for evaluation. No co-curricular credit will be awarded if the student fails to complete an independent study program or fails to submit the required paperwork.

* Any student who takes a Dance Department course (Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced) for a semester completes one co-curricular credit.

Students who participate in the Spring Musical may earn a co-curricular credit with the recommendation from the Drama Director in consultation with the PE Department.

Athletic Office

Ms. Bernadette Macca

Athletic Director

Mr. Merrick Smith

Assistant Athletic Director