$40,000 and 100% Parent Participation  

$32,000 designated for The Class of 2015 Endowed Fund 

$8,000 designated for The Fund for Williams 

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Senior Parent Gift


The Class of 2015 Endowed Fund

The goal of the 2015 Senior Parent Gift is to create an endowed fund in honor of our children that will live on in perpetuity at Williams, as well as a granite bench to tangibly recognize our students and their impact on the Williams community. This will be the first time in recent memory that the Senior Parent Gift is directed primarily to endowment to strengthen Williams. Each year, the accrued earnings on the fund will be used to help a student afford a Williams education. In addition, we will maintain our support for The Fund for Williams, designating 20% of each gift toward the annual fund. We have the chance to make history.  

Please note, this will be the only solicitation of senior class parents this year.


Endowed Funds at Williams allow access to a Williams education for more students and their families and strengthen the school.

This particular fund will be designated to offer financial aid to a Williams student.

Each year, Williams awards over $1 million in financial aid. The creation of this endowed fund will allow Williams to strengthen our financial aid program.

With a 5% return on investment, this fund can provide $1,000 in financial aid in its first year to a student and family in need of assistance.

Sample Endowment Returns and Potential Financial Aid Award

(assuming 5% returns)


Protected Principle = $32,000


Accrued Earnings = $1,600

Financial Aid Award = $1,000

End of Year Value = $32,600


Accrued Earnings = $1,630

Financial Aid Award = $1,000

End of Year Value = $33,230


Accrued Earnings = $1,662

Financial Aid Award = $1,000

End of Year Value = $33,892

Past Senior Parent Gifts at Williams have included:

  • 2014 New Outdoor Classroom/Pavilion at Athletic Complex – raised $72,145
  • 2013 Front Patio/Landscaping & Professional Development – raised $63,279
  • 2012 New 24-Passenger School Bus and Professional Development for teachers – raised $69,605
  • 2011 Library Improvements – raised $59,717
  • 2010 Southside Entrance and Courtyard – raised $82,714
  • 2009 Patio—raised $66,764
  • 2008 Renovation of the Fine Arts Facilities—raised $65,372
  • 2007 Bulkeley Gym Renovation—raised $71,611 
  • 2006 Math Smart Room—raised $43,284
  • 2005 Library Renovations (with ’04)—raised $68,864
  • 2004 Library Renovations (with ’05)—raised $69,250
  • 2003 PAC Sound System—raised $80,511
  • 2002 PAC Lighting—raised $50,112

What is the Senior Parent Gift?

The Senior Parent Gift Program started in the mid 1980’s and has been instrumental in raising money for special gifts that provide The Williams School students and faculty with both academic and physical enhancements that otherwise would not have been possible. 

The Senior Parent Gift is designed to honor graduating seniors during their final year at Williams and establish a lasting tribute to their accomplishments.

The Senior Parent Gift Program has funded over $400,000 in worthwhile projects over the past six years. 


Make a gift in honor of your senior and his or her Williams experience today!


Matt Strekel
Director of Development

Senior Parent Gift 2014 Committee 

Tom Hodgkinson, P '15, Co-Chair
Anne Wilkinson P '15, Co-Chair
Mark Fader,  Head of School
Matt Strekel,  Director of Development