The Fund for Williams

MInd the gap!


The Williams School, like many other independent schools, does our best to keep tuition costs affordable for our parents.  Tuition and fees cover the majority of our operating budget, yet there is an annual GAP between the income received from tuition and the operating expenses of the school.  Therefore, it is necessary to look to parents, faculty and staff, board members, grandparents and alumni of Williams for contributions that will close this GAP.   

The Annual Fund for Williams helps ensure that the difference between income and expenses is met. 


WHY DON'T we just increase tuition to meet these expenses?

The school administration and Board of Trustees are committed to keeping the tuition at Williams affordable and accessible to a diverse population. A significant tuition increase each year would prevent many from being able to attend Williams. Thus, we maintain a competitive tuition, with appropriate annual adjustments, and count on the entire Williams community to support our School. 


Why Participation matters

It’s a fact that great accomplishments often result not from a single act, but from the accumulation of many smaller acts. The same is true with gifts. When everyone gives, it demonstrates that Williams is composed of a caring, vibrant and active community.  It is this cooperative spirit that makes Williams so special. Gifts, both large and small, convey commitment to School and have an immediate impact of the education of our students.

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Ways of Giving

  • Cash, check or credit card—Williams accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Online donation—Williams’ secure online giving form is available 24/7 to accept gifts via credit card.
  • Make monthly sustaining gifts—The Recurring Gift Program allows donors to easily make their gift in regular monthly installments from a credit card to the Annual Fund for Williams. Monthly gifts can be in any amount (no less than $5). A gift of just $10 a month will result in a total contribution of $120. A gift of $84 a month will put you in the President's Circle where you'll join others who give $1,000 or more each year! 
  • Stock—gifts of common stock are often donated. Please contact the Advancement Office at 860-439-5474 for details.
  • Matching Gift—Many employers match gifts from their employees and retired employees. If your gift is matched, you will be recognized by your total individual contribution plus any matching amount received during the same fiscal year. Ask your employer about Matching Gift benefits and where to get the appropriate forms. 
  • Pledge—Pledges, including multi-year commitments, can be made toward Fund for Williams support. These gifts are due by June 1, 2014 and may be paid in whatever increments or timeline is most comfortable for you.

Support Williams

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"The Fund for Williams helps to ensure that the difference between income and expenses is met."


Tuition (per student):  $26,990
Tuition Expenses: $30,985
Tuition GAP: $3,995



Fund for Williams Volunteers 

John and Carrie Brodzinski, parents of John '16 and Emily '12, have graciously volunteered to lead the 2013-14 annual Fund for Williams. In this role, John and Carrie will serve as a critical link between the School and parents whose gifts will help Williams fulfill our educational mission.  

Mr. & Mrs. Brodzinski have recruited the following parents to serve as Class Captains:

11th grade:  Anne Wilkinson
10th: TBA
9th: Monique Foster
8th: Alejandra Welch
7th: Andy Kressley

The success of our efforts this year will depend largely on the time and talents of our parents. Volunteers reach out to other parents on behalf of Williams. Becoming an annual fund volunteer is a wonderful way to meet other families and to feel like you are making a real difference in your child's school. If you would like to join the Fund for Williams Committee, please contact Ellen Spring in the Advancement Office at 860-439-5474 or email