The Williams School believes that at the heart of our students’ development lies a close relationship between students and faculty.

In addition to the relationships forged over time between teachers and students, the Advisory Program helps to ensure that each student has at least one faculty member to whom he or she can turn for support and guidance from the moment he or she joins the community.

The role of the advisor has four main areas of focus: awareness, interaction, support, and communication.


Advisors play an active role in the daily lives of their advisees. They are aware of their advisees academic successes and challenges, social and emotional well-being, connection with others, community involvement, self-care, and stewardship.


Advisors strive to be available to their advisees to help them problem-solve, connect them with other resources as necessary, and simply listen.   


Advisors support advisees in a variety of ways including but not limited to celebrating successes, discussing community expectations, sharing information about school life, and helping to plan each student’s academic program. 


Advisors convene both weekly advisor meetings and periodic informal check-ins. They also serve as the primary conduit of information between school and home.

Academic News

Señor Cohen's Spanish I students got into character last week while practicing dialogue about buying a hat at a market in Mexico.
The Math and Science Tutoring Program connects students who are comfortable with a particular subject with a student who may be facing some difficulty with it and helps them both succeed.
Director of College Counseling Cristan Harris attended 2017 National Conference for the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) over the summer and shares her reflections.
Four artists from the Williams School were juried for an exhibition at the Mystic Art Museum.
Mrs. Barth's 7th graders were able to take advantage of the Connecticut College Arboretum to learn more about pond ecosystems.
Cory Harris, English teacher, recently placed 9th out of 3000 in an international writing contest.
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