Student Handbook

The Student Handbook contains important information about daily life at Williams. The Handbook helps you understand our small but complex community.

In this book, we include much information about academic policies, athletics, arts, clubs, publications, and about expectations for behavior. We also include the expectations and guidelines for students. We hold you responsible for knowing the rules.

As you now know or will know soon, excellence both in academics and in citizenship is highly valued at Williams. We want to help you know the best that has been thought and said and to act in the most respected ways. 

At Williams, most of our time together is spent shaping your academic skills and mental fitness. We always emphasize and rely on your emotional maturity and personal discipline; we have assemblies and special programs that give us all ideas to consider. Yet our learning and the values we share are developed by communicating with each other. 

The Handbook is your guide to life inside the School, both the opportunities and the expectations. Read it and refer to it throughout the year.

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