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The Williams School Athletics Program: What Sets it Apart and How Our Students Benefit from It
Posted 02/02/2017 04:00PM

One the greatest opportunities available to students at The Williams School is that our athletics program offers such a broad range of levels. Since the school includes both a middle school and an upper school, our sports teams reflect the wide diversity of students within the student body.

Williams students range in age from 11 to 19 and in athletic experience from absolute beginner to highly competitive; some are even seeking to be recruited for college teams. As a result, every Williams student, regardless of age or experience in a sport, can find an appropriate team to be a part of. In fact, middle school students who have prior experience and demonstrated ability have the option to play at Williams against other varsity high school teams’ athletes, even as early as seventh grade.

A younger student will never be forced to wait to join a team simply because of age or grade and can immediately play to his or her fullest potential. Further, upper school students who want to try a new sport at a later stage of their high school careers can always find a place on a team and will never be turned away from a team because they have not played before. The structure of our athletics program gives student-athletes gives additional opportunities to build their strength and skills. As the Athletic Director, Bernadette Macca says, “these experiences will foster good sportsmanship and lead to a lifetime of healthy living through regular exercise.” At the same time, it encourages our students to always be open-minded to the possibility of embracing new activities and developing abilities we may not have otherwise even attempted to discover. 

Another unique aspect of athletics at The Williams School is the variety of coed sports at the school, in which girls and boys get to compete and practice together, as well as against, one another. Many of our sports, including cross country, swimming, sailing, and tennis, function in this manner. The co-ed nature of our teams provides a competitive environment in which all students greatly benefit and learn from one another. On each team, both girls and boys receive the same opportunities and push themselves to achieve on a much broader scale. This style of team, where individuals can compete against a much broader range of competitors while also develop their own personal athletics pursuits, can only be found at a small school such as ours. 

While many people know The Williams School for its strong academic curriculum, the athletic teams deserve equal acclaim for their distinctive traits, which play a key role in helping all of our students to find the right level for themselves, no matter their age, grade, or gender, and which put us on a path to continue to be physically fit and always be willing to try new activities. 

Rachel Goldstein '18

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