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Film Festival 2017
Posted 05/17/2017 09:15PM

In the 2016-2017 school year, the Digital Imaging classes have been a part of numerous juried art shows and competitions (both student and professional), as well as having the opportunity to observe many local and international films, photographic exhibitions and artistic performances. In the classroom, we have gone from learning the fundamental skills of photography through handmade pinhole and 35mm film cameras. We have taken the skills we learned from photography and evolved them into the film world, focusing on making stop motion animation films, and promotional videos for our school.

Beginning Digital Imaging
Pinhole & Analog Photography
Zain Alam ’19
Reese Berman ’19
Nicholas Chirillo ’18
Rachel Flores ’17
Roman Rios ’19
Alexandros Tsipouras ’19
Amar Viswanathan ’17

DMVTeen Safe Driving Video Competition
Class Project
PSA: Integrity Matters Video
Zain Alam ’19
Reese Berman ’19
Rachel Flores ’17 & Alexandros Tsipouras ’19
Nicholas Chirillo ’18 & Amar Viswanathan ’17

Stop Motion Animation Films
Nothing Changes by Reese Berman ’19 & Amar Viswanathan ’17, Theme: Segregation
NotAnotherTeenageAngstMovie by Zain Alam ’19 & Nick Chirillo ’18, Theme: Teenage Angst

Joke's On You! by Alexandros Tsipouras ’19 & Rachel Flores ’17, Theme: Suspense
Guest Appearance
2nd Place Winners for Best Video
Shoreline Arts Alliance Future Choices Student Art Competition
Phantom by James Knowlton ’20 & Devin Shah ’20 (Art 1 Class)

Advanced Digital Imaging
This year, the overall theme for the advanced digital imaging classes was Urban Folk­lore. Urban Folklore is a legend, myth, or tale, deriving from popular culture that usually has macabre and dark elements to it.
A select few students from the advanced classes focused on the art of documentary filmmaking, ending with a product focusing on the March 2017 mudslides in Peru.

Body and Technology
Oliver Falla ’17
Matthew Littlefield ’17
(See catwalk for other projects.)

Individual Projects
Grace Burleson ’17
Shawn Conroy ’17
Hannah Daitch ’17
Oliver Falla ’17
TJ Laggis ’17
Lindsey Noniewicz ’18
Raj Patel ’17

Dominyque Johnson ’17
John Pereira ’18

Sarah Billis ’17
Katia Bourganos ’18
Eli Griswold ’17
Andrew Little ’18
Matthew Littlefield ’17

F-Block- Blame Game - A film addressing the issue of sexual harassment in Fairy Tales
through a metaphorical subject matter.
E-Block- March 17, 2017 - A brief documentary on the devastation that occurred in the mudslides in Lima, Peru.
C-Block (Studio 13 Productions)- A "World Unknown" - A man, unable to deal with the stresses of everyday life, escapes to a parallel universe where he encounters strange inhabitants and his own conscience.

The 2017 Film Festival is dedicated to the Advanced Digital Imaging Seniors

Sarah Billis, Grace Burleson, Shawn Conroy, Hannah Daitch,
Oliver Falla, Eli Griswold, Dominyque Johnson, TJ Laggis, Matthew Littlefield and Raj Patel

In honor of their vision, dedication, and enthusiasm for the art of visual story telling.
You will go far.


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