Mission Statement & Teaching and Learning Principles

The Williams School aims to foster the intellectual, moral, aesthetic, and physical development of young women and men in preparation for college, a lifetime of learning, and active participation in a changing society.

Teaching and Learning Principles
• Maintains high standards of academic excellence.
• Inspires intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and imagination.
• Fuses the connection between intellect and emotion through the arts.
• Supports the physical development of students and nurtures their appreciation for athletics.
• Fosters respectful and collaborative relationships.
• Promotes the development of responsible and thoughtful behavior by expecting honesty, fairness, good sportsmanship, and civility.
• Appreciates individual, ethnic, and cultural diversity.
• Creates an atmosphere that encourages students to take meaningful risks.
• Emphasizes the importance of service to the community: school, local, and global.
• Enhances the learning environment by providing access to technology.

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