Whom to Contact

Regarding academic matters:
Parents Night is held in the fall to acquaint you with your child’s academic program and teachers, and to answer any general questions you may have.  At Parents Night, you will go through an abbreviated school day, moving from class to class, meeting each teacher and your child’s advisor.
If, at other times, you have questions or concerns about your child’s overall program, or about scheduling, course selection or general homework burden, you should call:
Middle or Upper School 
• your child’s academic advisor
• Assistant Head of School for Program Jane Hannon (860-439-2785)

For non-academic matters:

School Closings

(Look for the big red snowflake;  closings and delays are usually posted by 5:45 a.m.) and on TV and radio as per Student Handbook.

Bus Transportation
Receptionist Ellen Kelly

• Event Chairperson

• Parents Association President Kacey Elfstrom 

Health Concerns 
School Nurse Jacquie Shannon  (860-439-5463)

Athletic Director Bernadette Macca (860-439-5376)

College Counseling
Director of College Counseling Cristan Harris (860-439-2790)
Assistant Dir. of College Counseling (860-433-5333)

Student Billing & School Store
Assistant Head for Finance and Operations Kathy Trammell (860-439-2757)

Annual Fund
Director of Advancement Matt Strekel (860-439-5474)

Director of Technology Albee Stein (860-439-5418)

Director of Admissions & Marketing Sharon Gaudreau (860-439-2789)

Website, News and Publications

Assoc. Director of Communications Renee Fournier (860-439-2791)