Clubs & Activities

Calculus, chemistry, and Shakespeare are definitely worth devoting brain cells to, but the soul also yearns for…knitting, Anime, and dodge ball?

At least some souls do, which is the main tenet of extracurriculars at Williams. Students are encouraged to find their passions and explore them with others.

Club leaders presented the panoply of activities available to Williams students at assembly in the fall. Below is a quick synopsis of the many extracurricular offerings. If a student doesn’t see something to his or her liking, consider contacting Ms. Kleinfelder to learn how to start a club.




Bending Bridges

Cory Harris

Adam Verhoeff ‘14

Books and Tea Club

Melissa Moss

Maria Boyle ‘16, Isabella Casteel ‘16

Robotics Club

Joe Cote

Nicholas Moukawsher ‘18, Peter Littlefield  ‘18

Classics Club (Junior Classical League)

Melissa Moss

Josh Goldstein ‘15

Debate Club

Macy Kleinfelder, Karen Ulrich

Josh Goldstein ’15, Samantha Benevelli ’14


Greg Bowerman

Lili Goldberg ‘14, Adam Verhoeff ‘14

Service Committee

Tekla Zweir

Carly Gibson ’14, Marion Philippe ’14, Sonia Klein ’14

Multicultural Club

Ana Ramirez

Kailah Waheed ‘15, Camisha Moore ‘14


Tom Kelly

Adam Verhoeff ‘14, Keira Steiner ‘14

FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children)

Greg Bowerman

Juli Brown ‘14

Knitting Club

Jane Martineau

Richard Pittsinger ‘17, Antonella Portugal ‘17, Nadia Penkoff-Lidbeck ’17

Harvard Model Congress

Ben Ladd


Hort-T-culture Club

Greg Bowerman

Sam Schavoir ‘15, Noah Rossi-Reder ‘15, Jonah Fanelli ‘14

Middle School Art Club

Tekla Zweir