The Blueprint Newspaper

Williams' award-winning student newspaper is produced by the school's Journalism students and through the Journalism Club.


Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading this edition of The Williams School Student
newspaper, The Blueprint; the first of its kind in four years. Our goal is to spread
information on our school’s academics, athletics, and arts, as well as culture,
current events, and more. I would like to thank all of our writers, photographers,
and editors for making this happen. Also, a special thanks to Mrs. Gaudreau, Mr.
Fader, and Mr. Kelly for being there every step of the way. We hope you enjoy
our first publication and the many more to follow. All contributions and ideas are
welcome. Anyone interested in being part of the next issue, please come to our
meetings every Monday! However for now, please enjoy this very special issue
of The Blueprint.

Katie Lipman ‘15