Head's Welcome

    • Mark Fader, Head of School

When you arrive on The Williams School campus you can immediately feel an inclusive and positive energy among the students, faculty, and staff. Our hallmark is our close-knit community where students are guided and mentored by their teachers, coaches, and administrators who encourage them to take meaningful risks in a safe and supportive environment.

As an Independent College Preparatory School celebrating 130 years of educating students, we are committed to a strong liberal arts curriculum, which emphasizes outstanding writing, communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Throughout all grades, our classes focus on relevance, synthesis of ideas and critical thinking. A purposeful emphasis on study skills, particularly in the middle school, builds a child’s foundation for success. As students become increasingly proficient in the use of technology, active learning spurs complex thinking. In the Upper School, all courses are college preparatory, and we require our students to be proficient in both a modern and classical language. At the most sophisticated level of our college preparatory curricula, each department features Honors Courses and an Advanced Courses program. Our Advanced Courses go beyond the limitations of the traditional AP curriculum, allowing our students and faculty the freedom and flexibility to explore subjects in greater depth.

The Williams learning experience is appropriate for each stage of a student’s academic and social-emotional development. Extracurricular opportunities in athletics and the arts promote our students’ physical, creative, and leadership growth. A Personal Growth and Wellbeing program infused in all grade levels helps our students develop the necessary skills and confidence to self assess and advocate amid the challenges of a 21st century world.

I am proud of the immediate and long-lasting impact we make on each of our students at The Williams School. I encourage you to visit our campus to learn about the exciting opportunities we afford our students to prepare for college, lifelong learning, and active participation in their future world.

Warm regards,
Mark Fader
Head of School

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