Connecticut College Connection

New London Scholars

Williams students benefit greatly from the School’s connection with Connecticut College
Class of 2022 New London Scholars & Special Day Students
Isaac Adler - Hispanic Studies/Advanced Grammar
Elijah Butler - Solar System Astronomy
Grace Cassineri - International Politics
Rachel Harris - Introduction to Biological Inquiry
Ming Huang - Introduction to Biological Inquiry
Philip Knowlton  -Modern African History
Sydney Lundgren - International Politics
William Palmer - Syntax
Junhan Yang - Material Legacy

Class of 2021 New London Scholars & Special Day Students
Ozzie Alam - International Politics
Shawn Ciaciura - Solar System Astronomy
Alessandra D'Arcy - Solar System Astronomy
Molly Dooling - Elementary Italian
Samantha Karlson - Solar System Astronomy
John Lian - Sex, Gender, and Revolution
Mary Madaus - Reason and Revelation
Nate Marchesi - International Politics
Elizabeth Merryweather - Pensez-Francais
Max Sarwar - International Politics
Lily Shea - Global Japan
Anna Terry - Pensez-Francais
Jack Yost - Solar System Astronomy

Class of 2020 New London Scholars & Special Day Students
Niha Burugapalli - Genetics
Cyrus D'Arcy - History, Art, and Politics in Latin America
Caelan Desmond - Narrative Nonfiction
Keri Doherty - Living in Spanglish
Mimi Doherty - Aging and the Family
Quinn Furgueson - Mobile App Development
Maddy Hubble - Material Legacies
James Knowlton - Logic (Philosophy)
Rachel Luxton - Chinese Path to Happiness 
Kat Petrosky - Elementary Italian
Lucy Rossi-Reder - Material Legacies
Devin Shah - Linear Algebra

Class of 2019 New London Scholars
Charlotte He: Linear Algebra 
Caitlin Kressley: Environmental Standards/Social Science
Klaire Li: Race, Gender, and Mass Media (SOC 228)
Lucy Lu: Elementary Greek (Greek 101)

Class of 2018 New London Scholars
Will Jarrett - Solar System Astronomy, Beyond the Solar System
Jack Featherstone - Advanced General Physics I, Advanced General Physics II
Rachel Goldstein - Intro to Macroeconomics, Intro to Statistics
Callum Tresnan - Intro to Spanish Literary and Cultural Analysis

Class of 2017 New London Scholars
Antonella Portugal - US Latino ID in Arts Pop Culture
Grace Linhares - Introduction to Statistics
Amar Viswanathan - Multivariable Calculus
Olivia Foster - International Politics

Class of 2016 New London Scholars

Dan Doherty - International Politics
Oaklea Elfstrom - Advanced Oral Proficiency in Spanish
Justin Shafner - International Politics

Class of 2015 New London Scholars
Ali Diouk - Russian and American Youth Cultures
Josh Goldstein - Introduction to Macroeconomics
Katie Hodgkinson - Writing the Short Story
Patrick Madaus - Astronomy

Shain Library

Seniors and Juniors at Williams can get Library Cards for Connecticut College's Shain Library.  This encourages students to expand their horizons for research projects, use the resources available at the college, and begin to explore the atmosphere and experience of academic college life.