Honor Roll

Honor Rolls

At the end of each trimester, students’ academic achievements are recognized by the various honor rolls:

Upper School Honor Roll
A weighted GPA, one that reflects the rigor of a student’s curriculum by adding fractions of points to the calculation for Honors and Advanced courses, will be used to determine Honor Roll; averaged letter grades are used as a guide. Weighted and unweighted cumulative GPAs appear on a student’s transcript.

Distinguished Honors: Minimum GPA of 3.85 (weighted), A- (unweighted) average for the semester, no grade below B

Honors: Minimum GPA of 3.5 (weighted), B+ average for the semester (unweighted), no grade below a B-

Middle School Honor Roll
A- average and no grade below a B (B- for an Upper School course)

Grading System

The grading system consists of letter grades ranging from A to F.
  • For recording purposes and the compilation of a grade point average, the following equivalents are used: A 4.0; A- 3.67; B+ 3.33; B 3.0; B- 2.67; C+ 2.33; C 2.0; C- 1.67; D+ 1.33; D 1.0; D- 0.67; F 0.0.
  • GPA is calculated after each semester, based on all Upper School semesters. (Cumulative GPA is on all Upper School transcripts.)
  • Only the grades received at the end of each semester and the year’s grades appear on a student’s transcript.
  • A grade of D+ or below means that a student may not be promoted to the next level in the discipline.

Honor Roll - Trimester 1 - 2022 - 2023

Upper School Distinguished Honors
12th Grade – Class of 2023
Morgan Browning, Pawcatuck
Amaya Butler, North Stonington
Adam Chen, Zhejiang, China
Cody DeLaurentis, Haddam
Lucy Fader, Old Lyme
Michael Galla, Madison
Daniel Genovese, Westbrook
Paige Iacobellis, Killingworth
Samuel Kaplan, Clinton
Jacqueline Leake, Westbrook
Sophie Levine-Press, Guilford
Fiona Lorenzen, Colchester
Anthony Luxton, Stonington
Brendon Marku, North Stonington
Daniel Meseha, East Lyme
Fiona Morrison, North Stonington
Calvin Neff, Mystic
Jackson Raisbeck, Madison
Pearse Rothman, Madison
Amand Sarwar, Essex
John Surprenant, Norwich
Phoebe Taylor, East Lyme
Ryan Tedeschi, Westbrook
Mark Wang, Beijing, China
Eric Yan, Jiangsu, China
Tongkai Zhang, Tianjin, China
Andrew Zona, North Branford

11th Grade - Class of 2024
Tobias Adler, Clinton
Tyler Boissevain, Old Saybrook
Maria Carseli, Mystic
Zaela Crespo, New London
Tyler Gagliardi, Killingworth
Henry Ginz, Guilford
Helen Godshall, Noank
Rachel Hambly, Stonington
Katelyn Harvey, East Haddam
Scarlet Kane, Quaker Hill
Yiannis Liras, Stonington
MicKayla Marcus, New London
Maria Morant, Old Saybrook
Sophia Naysnerski, Westerly
Skye Nugent, Waterford
Bea Palmer, Stonington
Aarav Patel, Stonington
Avery Ruhe, Mystic
Colin Tedeschi, Westbrook
Kelly Xie, Jiangsu, China

10th Grade - Class of 2025
Natalie Boissevain, Old Saybrook
Liam Boland, Quaker Hill
Julia Cote, Norwich
Sven Ericsson, Stonington
Leo Fowler, Stonington
Hailey Greenberg, Mystic
Patrick He, Niantic
Baker Katko, Essex
Alexandra Leake, Westbrook
Brian Li, East Lyme
Isabella Li, Norwich
Marc Macera, Westerly
Annabel McKillop, Stonington
Kabir Patel, Ledyard
Arnell Peck, New London
Bill Qi, Hongqiao, China
Maxwell Savin, Stonington
Robby Shay, Old Saybrook
Emma Tanabe, Deep River

9th Grade - Class of 2026
Zara Asim, East Lyme
Isabella Barstow, Mystic
Julia Battista, Killingworth
Grace Becker, Guilford
Sydney Caplan, Guilford
Henry Champagne, Lebanon
Sean Dockery, Old Lyme
Connor Gingras, Old Lyme
Ally Iacobellis, Killingworth
Calvin LaFrance, Oakdale
Jay Lui, Branford
Melissa Puccio, Groton
Kalra Simplice, Norwich
Sadie Susskind, New London
Ken Wang, Guangdong, China

Upper School Honors
12th Grade - Class of 2023
Ray Bian, Beijing, China
Anika Garg, Waterford
Campbell Gray, Stonington
Olive Martinez-Good, New London
Callum McKillop, Stonington
Elaina Noble, Essex
Abeni Townsend, New London

11th Grade - Class of 2024
Bryce Bennhoff, Pawcatuck
Jaidyn Cote, Old Saybrook
Skylar Frost, Pawcatuck
Thanasi Georgiadis, Mystic
Carrie Greco, East Hampton
Luke Legein, Old Lyme
Brendan Li, East Lyme
Sophia Liras, Stonington
Anna Milne, Mystic
Dylan Polidori, Groton

10th Grade - Class of 2025
Jason Ding, Guangdong, China
Henry Gallagher, Old Saybrook
Sophia Guinan, Westbrook

9th Grade - Class of 2026
Auggie Knott, New London
Ela Onat, Westbrook
Dorian Poulard, New London
Gus van Berkel, Ivoryton
Jason Zhang, Shanghai, China

Middle School Honors
Sabine Balentine (8), Stonington
Carlie Burke (8), Waterford
Thomas Carpenter (8), Waterford
Nick Carseli (6), Mystic
Lily Chandler (7), Niantic
Clo Crimmins (8), Old Saybrook 
Carlo Danese (7), Essex
Will Dockery (6), Old Lyme
Hudson Foisie (7), Noank
Juliette Foisie (6), Noank
Alexia Georgiadis (8), Mystic
Angelina Georgiadis (8), Mystic
Annie Gingras (6), Old Lyme
Sarah Harvey (8), East Haddam
Victor Hasse (6), Groton
Sierra Hurst-Ruales (6), Waterford
Eddie Keane (8), Griswold
Liam Kelly (8), Groton
Lilie Lavergne (7), Waterford
Tyler Lui (7), Branford
Raffi Manley (6), New London
Ouranab Murtaza (8), New London
Sanjana Naik (6), Mystic
Jonathan Patton (7), New London
Isabella Pepas (7), Norwich
Ethan Perl (8), Chester
Kiki Poulard (8), New London
Elle Reid (6), Essex
Max Romilly (7), Mystic
Sadie Rotolo (8), Old Lyme
Annie Shay (8), Old Saybrook
Sarah Steffian (8), Waterford
Sydney Swenson-Cardwell (7), New London
Kate van Berkel (7), Ivoryton
Claire Xenelis (6), Westbrook
Xavia Yu (8), Beijing, China