Middle School Experience

The Middle School program offers courses intended to develop not only content knowledge but also critical, creative, and abstract thinking skills.

In addition, the Middle School at Williams guides students to become respectful, responsible, and reflective students and citizens. Students are encouraged to take risks as they explore new ideas and connections and are empowered to take charge of their learning. By exposing students to a wide range of courses in the Middle School, Williams places an emphasis on the development of writing skills, analytic skills, and effective communication.
In grade six, students take:
  • English
  • Local History
  • Earth and Environment
  • Math
  • Introduction to Modern Languages and Introduction to Classical Languages
  • Enrichment
In grade seven, students take:
  • English
  • American History
  • Math
  • Life Science
  • Spanish and Latin
  • Enrichment
In grade eight, students take:
  • English
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Modern Language
  • Physical Science
  • Latin I
  • Enrichment
Students are placed in the appropriate level of Math and Modern Language based on a placement test, previous coursework, and teacher recommendation.

The Middle School Enrichment program complements the academic offerings and builds upon students’ creative, communication, and collaborative skills. Students engage in classes in Art, Photography, Music, Chorus, Drama, Dance, Health and Wellness, Physical Education, and Technology. The exploration of both the visual and performing arts not only gives students a foundation and greater appreciation for these subjects but also helps them make informed decisions regarding their course of study in the Upper School. The Enrichment program allows students to discover or ignite their passions. An increased self-confidence and self-awareness are natural by-products of the arts curriculum. Physical education and health focus on the importance of wellness as it relates to overall physical and mental health. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their lifestyle choices and make healthy decisions. Opportunities for public speaking and group presentations are abundant in all of the offerings.

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