New London Scholars

Williams students benefit greatly from the School’s connection with Connecticut College

Class of 2020 New London Scholars & Special Day Students
Niha Burugapalli - Genetics
Cyrus D'Arcy - History, Art, and Politics in Latin America
Caelan Desmond - Narrative Nonfiction
Keri Doherty - Living in Spanglish
Mimi Doherty - Aging and the Family
Quinn Furgueson - Mobile App Development
Maddy Hubble - Material Legacies
James Knowlton - Logic (Philosophy)
Rachel Luxton - Chinese Path to Happiness 
Kat Petrosky - Elementary Italian
Lucy Rossi-Reder - Material Legacies
Devin Shah - Linear Algebra

Class of 2019 New London Scholars
Charlotte He: Linear Algebra 
Caitlin Kressley: Environmental Standards/Social Science
Klaire Li: Race, Gender, and Mass Media (SOC 228)
Lucy Lu: Elementary Greek (Greek 101)

Class of 2018 New London Scholars
Will Jarrett - Solar System Astronomy, Beyond the Solar System
Jack Featherstone - Advanced General Physics I, Advanced General Physics II
Rachel Goldstein - Intro to Macroeconomics, Intro to Statistics
Callum Tresnan - Intro to Spanish Literary and Cultural Analysis

Class of 2017 New London Scholars
Antonella Portugal - US Latino ID in Arts Pop Culture
Grace Linhares - Introduction to Statistics
Amar Viswanathan - Multivariable Calculus
Olivia Foster - International Politics

Class of 2016 New London Scholars

Dan Doherty - International Politics
Oaklea Elfstrom - Advanced Oral Proficiency in Spanish
Justin Shafner - International Politics

Class of 2015 New London Scholars
Ali Diouk - Russian and American Youth Cultures
Josh Goldstein - Introduction to Macroeconomics
Katie Hodgkinson - Writing the Short Story
Patrick Madaus - Astronomy