Senior Project

The Senior Project is designed to be the culmination of the academic experience at The Williams School. It is a privilege accorded to seniors that challenges them to take ownership in their education and development as life-long learners. The Senior Project provides students the opportunity to merge interests, passions, and curiosity with the skills they have learned throughout their career at Williams. Moreover, it is an opportunity to create an independent experience beyond the classroom, focusing on inquiry and personal growth.

2020 Senior Projects
As many aspects of our lives have been effected by COVID-19, this was no different for the Class of 2020 in completing their senior projects. In lieu of Williams' traditional in-person presentations, an online gallery of video projects was created in Williams' Learning Management System myW for peers and parents to peruse. Below you will find a selection of the Class of 2020 Senior Projects exploring woodworking, local family history, painting, and more!

2019 Senior Projects
Explore a selection of Senior Projects by the Class of 2019 in topics like: Audio Engineering, Learning to play a new Instrument, Building a GoKart, Exploring French Tennis, Tasting Food Trends in Beijing and, Interning with the Dean of Student Affairs here at Williams!

2020 Senior Projects

Below is a selection of four Senior Project videos from the Class of 2020 illustrating a variety of interests and talents.
    • Kat Petrosky - Grills Preserve

Kat Petrosky used her Senior Project to explore a 550-acre nature preserve in Westerly and Hopkinton, Rhode Island with family ties.  She explored the history of the purchase of the acreage, its' associations with the Bradford Dyeing Association and researched different locations within the preserve like a cemetery dating back to the Revolutionary War, and ecological preservation projects that pre-date the establishment of the preserve.
    • Hunter Dolphin - Waterskis

Hunter Dolphin crafted a Waterski to combine his two passions of Waterskiing and Woodworking for his Senior Project.  Using advanced carpentry skills, Hunter brought an artistic element to his ski, and went out for a spin on the water to test his handiwork!

Niha Burugapalli is an accomplished artist, having a painting earn a Gold Key in the Scholastic Arts Competition, and another being a finalist in the Congressional Art Contest and being displayed on Capitol Hill.  For her Senior Project, she decided to paint a mural in her family's home, a new challenge for her painting in a larger scale and with acrylic paint, when she usually uses oils.  Over several days she completed a large-scale mural depicting a field of poppy flowers, distant moutains, and a beautiful sunset sky.
    • Doherty Blood Drive

"We chose to organize a Blood Drive for our Senior Project because we wanted to make a difference and do something to serve our community." In her own words, Mimi, with sister Keri Doherty worked with the American Red Cross to host a Blood Drive, working with Mr. Fader and Williams Administration to use the Daren Performing Arts Center as a site for the drive.  Keri remarks, "Especially because of COVID-19 there is a higher demand for blood donations and this is a timely way to help people."  As of June 18, 2020 53/57 appointment slots for the Blood Drive were filled for the event on June 22nd.

2019 Senior Projects

Below is a slideshow of all seniors of the Class of 2020 giving their Senior Project Presentations as well as a selection of blogs and videos to view.
Sam and Ben decided to build a Go Kart for their senior project.  Buying a frame and creating a parts list for things like wheels, a motor, and other necessary mechanics helped them build a functioning Go Kart!  See their "Victory" video to the right, and view their full vlog here.
Nash created a video where he recorded sounds of auto body shops, household tools and objects, and edited "ordinary" sounds into the sound effects for his video.  He worked to create a short action scene, the sounds you hear are not "gunshots" they are the sounds of a doorknob clicking and a paper bag full of air popping.  View Nash's full blog here. 
Dasha Klein interned with Macy Kleinfelder, Dean of Student Affairs.  She reflected in her blog, "Ms. Kleinfelder gave me some words of advice: 'One of the skills that makes this job is the ability to slow things down.'  As a school administrator, Ms. Kleinfelder understands that jumping to conclusions and rushing into decisions doesn’t benefit or respect the system of solving disciplinary issues. She therefore empasized that while investigating and reaching educated conclusions, the system, handbook, and student(s) involved must all be honored throughout the process. This ensures that all perspectives are heard, and no one is wrongly accused or punished. Extending the disciplinary process also allows for review and reflection. See Dasha's full blog.