Clubs & Activities

Williams offeres a panoply of clubs and activities for students to kindle passions and explore them with others. Clubs are largely student-run with guidance from a Faculty advisor and students are encouraged to create a club if it is not offered.  Service-Committee, Legenda (Yearbook Club), Harvard Model Congress, and Dodgeball are among the most popular among students, but a full range of clubs from fully fun (board game club) to educationally informed (FIMRC, GSA) see below for a full list of club offerings.

Activities like the Fall Play, Spring Musical, Compchorea, or Athletic Teams (Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Sailing, and Lacrosse) are part of our Co-Curricular component and more information can be found here.

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  • Acapeople

    This is our Acapella singing group.

    Advisor: Mr. Holt
  • Aerospace Club

    The mission of the Aerospace Club is to introduce the science and application of aviation and aerospace to the students of The Williams School through hands-on activities such as UAV flight, model rocket launch, simulator flight, and FAA course study.

    Student Leaders: Peter Littlefield '18, Nick Moukawsher '18, John Pereira '18

    Advisor: Mr. Gudbrandsen
  • Blueprint

    This group is responsible for creating and publishing the online school newspaper.

    Student Leader: Colin Kronholm '18

    Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kleinfelder
  • Chess Club

    The purpose of this club is to play chess, to learn chess, and to coordinate tournaments.

    Student Leader: Gavin Seymour

    Advisor: Mrs. Hannon
  • Chinese Club

    To educate the community on Chinese culture, language, and traditions.

    Student Leader: Charlotte He '19

    Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kleinfelder
  • Encountering Holocaust Survivors

    The mission of this club is to learn about the history of Holocaust Survivors, practice oral history skills, and present to the community.

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Ladd
  • FIMRC (Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children)

    The mission is to raise awareness and funds for this international organization. FIMRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of families through innovative and sustainable programs.

    Student Leaders: Colin Kronholm '18, Callum Tresnan '18, Carolyn Xenelis '18, Mia Taylor '18

    Advisor: Mr. Bowerman
  • Futsal

    A variant of football (soccer), played on a smaller, hard court; typically five-a-side.

    Student Leader: Will Oliver

    Advisor: Dr. Oliver
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    The purpose of this group increase awareness around LGBTQ issues at school and beyond.

    Student Leaders: Anjali Pandit '18

    Advisors: Mrs. LaCour
  • Harvard Model Congress

    A United States government simulation for students in grades 10-12. Held at Harvard in February.

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Ladd
  • HomeEc Club

    This group learns skills often taught in a home ec class, with particular attention to sewing.

    Advisor: Mrs. Patton
  • Investment Club

    Discuss real world topics around finance and participate in stock market simulation game.

    Student Leaders: Tim Nessel '18, Alec Potts '18

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Strekel
  • Jam Club

    This group gathers to allow students to “jam out” musically.

    Student Leader: Miles Schuman '18

    Faculty Advisor: Mr. Holt
  • Legenda - Yearbook

    The purpose of this group is to create the yearbook for Williams. Students work on all aspects of the yearbook production from theme to photography to design.

    Editors: Olivia Fetter, Lili Kleinberg, Colin Kronholm
    Section Editors: Callum Tresnan, Fehme Braish, Colin Madaus, Phyillis Li

    Advisor: Mr. Bowerman
  • Middle School Art Club

    The purpose is art creation! The group assists with the Middle School Play set and costume design. The goals for this year: painting workshops, tie dye t shirts and more!

    Student Leaders: Sarah Murphy '19

    Advisor: Mrs. Zweir
  • MS Dodgeball Club

    This group runs Dodgeball games for the middle school.

    Advisor: Mr. Hockford
  • Poetry & Writing Club

    The mission of this club is to make writing and literature a larger part of the Williams community, and to encourage kids to feel more comfortable and indulge in their writing abilities and literature interests. During club meetings students will share their writing works or favorite writing works with the rest of the club. The goal for this club is to hopefully have a writing competition among of the whole school for whomever chooses to participate!

    Student Leader: Lauren Spitzer

    Advisor: Mr. Cote
  • Political, Social Justice, Awareness Club (P.S.A.) (formerly Multicultural Club)

    This group focuses on issues pertaining to social diversity. The goal of this group is to enhance knowledge and awareness in the community while promoting the uniqueness of every individual as well as under-represented groups, cultures, and views. The group is committed to collaboration, to educating themselves and the community, and to cultivating open-mindedness and a climate of acceptance.

    Student Leaders: Asaada Craig '18, Colin Kronholm '18, Callum Tresnan '18
    Advisor: Mrs. Furgueson
  • Service Committee

    The Service Committee is a student organization that focuses on community service and the environment. Whether volunteering, performing at a Coffee House, serving at Hungry Lunch, organizing a Food Drive or helping plan Earth Day, there are events and projects for students to get involved in all year long.

    Student Leaders: Carolyn Xenelis '18, Mia Taylor '18, Callum Tresnan '18

    Advisor: Mrs. Zweir

  • Student Government

    The Student Government is the governing board of the student body. It provides a forum for the discussion of matters of student concern and is the means by which student suggestions can be brought to the attention of the administration and faculty. The members of the Student Government are its elected officers (Chairs) and class representatives.

    Events: Trivia Night, Spirit Week, Dodgeball, and School Store, and Williams gear

    Student Leaders: Colin Kronholm '18, Callum Tresnan '18, Katia Bourganos '18, Samson Dorfman '19, George Sun '18

    Advisors: Mr. Karlin & Ms. Marvel
  • TEDx Connecticut College

    Each year Williams sends a middle school group to participate in Connecticut College’s TEDx conference.

    Advisor: Mrs. Cook
  • Upper School Art Club

    The purpose is art creation, to explore various art mediums, and create art. Students will also provide feedback on art projects if requested.

    Advisor: Mrs. Zweir
  • Williams Street Players

    The Williams Street Players will provide an opportunity for young actors to learn ensemble musical theatre numbers and short scenes. The Players hope to take the performance to retirement communities and nursing homes in the future.

    Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Martineau
  • Williams Walkers

    The mission of the club is to give interested students and school employees an opportunity to explore natural areas. We will, to paraphrase Thoreau, travel a good deal in our area, and, it is hoped, approach the world with a sense of curiosity and wonder at the elements of it that, though nearby, may be insufficiently appreciated.
    The club is open to all students and school employees. Interested members will meet during club time to share experiences from past trips and make plans for future trips. Saunters will take place after school and should take about an hour. I expect to have saunters once a week at most. The first few will take place in the area such as Mamacoke Island, the arboretum, and other Conn. College properties, and the land around The Williams School athletic complex. Future trips may go to other places depending on the interests of participants.

    Advisor: Mr. Oliver
  • Yale Model United Nations

    This group participates in the Yale Model United Nations.

    Advisor: Mrs. Marvel