Seventh Grade American History & Eighth Grade World Geography

Please follow these instructions to obtain a subscription for online textbooks.
Dear Parents and Guardians,
The seventh and eighth grade history courses use online textbooks, for which your student will need their own individual subscription. Please follow the instructions below in order to obtain your student’s subscription. Students will begin using their online textbooks on the first day of classes, so please be sure to purchase the subscription well in advance of August 27. If you have any questions regarding the instructions, please contact Mr. Emanuel, History Department Chair, via email:
1. Buy the Student Subscription from the online store
            b. For seventh grade, select History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism, Current;
               for eighth grade, select Geography Alive! Regions and People, Current.
            c. Find the Student Subscription and enter the “Subscription Duration” as 1 Year.
            d. Enter the quantity you need and click “Add to Cart.”
            e. After clicking “View Cart”, review your order and click the “Checkout” button.
            f. Click on New Customer Registration. For your email address, be sure to enter an email that
               you check regularly, because you’ll be sent an email that requires further action from you.
2. Find Your School
            a. Enter the zip code 06320.
            b. Click on The Williams School.
            c. Enter your payment information.
            d. Review your order and remember to enter your email address.
            e. Complete your order, then check your email for your order confirmation.
3. Create a Student Account
            a. Forward your order confirmation to Mr. Emanuel:
            b. Mr. Emanuel will provide you with the correct teacher email address to use to create a student
            c. Go to and click on the student sign-in button in the upper right corner.
            d. Enter your student’s teacher email address.
            e. Create the student username.
            f. Enter a password. Be sure to write it down so that you may find it if necessary.