Important Safety Information

Please review these important reminders and updates regarding safety information at Williams.
Asbestos Management
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (40 CFR 763.93(g)(4)) requires that written notice be given to parents, teachers, employees, other personnel or their guardians that The Williams School has a Management Plan for the safe control and
maintenance of asbestos­ containing materials found in its building. The Management Plan is available and accessible to the public at the Business Office of the school.
The Williams School is Nut Aware
Please remember that we are a Nut Aware school and parents should not be sending products with nuts to school.

Drop Off at School
School doors open at 7:30AM - no students should be in the building prior to this time. For the safety of our whole community, please remember to drop off and pick up your child in the South Parking Lot on the sidewalk nearest the School. Please do not stop or park on the narrow campus road in front of the School's main entrance, in front of Connecticut College's Art Center, in between parked cars in the parking lot, or near our crosswalk or dumpsters. U­turns are also not permitted within these areas.

Drop Off at the Athletic Complex
Our Athletic Complex is located at 120 Bloomingdale Rd, Quaker Hill, CT.
Upon entering the complex please follow the signs to the parking lot.
Please do not enter where it says buses only and do not wait or park in the circle as that must remain clear for buses, staff access, and emergency vehicles.

Parking at School
All parking for The Williams School is in the South Parking Lot of Connecticut College in the rows marked in blue. These rows are located at the east end of the parking lot near our gym entrance. As a courtesy to the faculty and staff of Connecticut College, please do not park in the rows with white markings.