Please Join us for Winterfest 2018

Please join us in Connecticut College's Harkness Chapel on Thursday, December 6th at 6:00PM for Winterfest, a seasonal celebration of the performing arts.
A highlight of Winterfest is the dance portion, choreographed by Bo Parrish, and is known around school as the "Candle Dance," but the real name of the piece is Winterlights. Carol of the Bells, composed by M. Leontovich and performed by George Winston, is the song the dancers will perform to.
The cast consists of 27 dancers. There are four distinct parts to the piece – the Center, the Floor, the Stairs, and the Aisle. All performers learn their parts separately and then gradually begin to rehearse together. The choreography and structure of the piece allow for dancers at several levels of technical experience to participate. Students who are already in the dance keep their part from year to year.

We hope you will join us for this special event.
Caitlin Kressley ‘19
Gabriella Seidel '21
Lucy Rossi-Reder '20
Mimi Doherty '20
Quella Gu '19
Aliya Khan '22
Ellie Fader '21
Cameron Liberty '22
Sydney Swann '22
Rian Gallagher '21
Lily Shea '21
Sydney Acheychek '21
Amanda Nessel '21
Emerson McAraw '23
Lucy Fader '23
Lauren Spitzer '22
Helen Godshall '24
Lizzie Leake '21
Navia Ladd '21
Rachel Harris '22
Isabella Casillas '24
Anika Garg '23
Phoebe Taylor '23
Emma Tanabe '25
Emi Fletcher '21