Recently at Williams

The days leading up to Winter Break are a busy and exciting time at Williams, with students preparing for final projects and exams, performances taking place, and an array of fun activities and treats to give everyone a much needed boost of energy.
During the final X Block Assembly of the semester, School Counselor Mrs. LaCour encouraged students to "come on down" as she hosted a game show about stress and the healthy ways to manage it. Students were able to win fun prizes, such as lavender eye pillows and coloring books.
On December 6, students, faculty, and families were treated to another beautiful Winterfest, featuring holiday songs, performances on the organ, piano, trumpet, and guitar, along with puppetry, poetry, and dance.
On Monday, everyone gathered in the Performing Arts Center for an Acting Assembly, featuring group performances and monologues (one performed in American Sign Language) from Mrs. Martineau's Advanced Acting class and her Puppet Tribe.
The Senior Class' Holiday Assembly took place on Tuesday, with the entire graduating class gathering on stage to tell an original story of Santa Claus' selfish monopolizing of the year's holiday budget and the banding together of the other holiday heroes to ensure fair representation. Following the performance, students gathered in the Student Center to enjoy cake in honor of Nurse Molly's retirement.
On Wednesday, students donned their ugliest holiday sweaters for the annual Ugly Sweater competition and then rushed to the Student Center during 9th Period to take part in one of the year's tastiest traditions - cookie decorating! Each student could choose from gingerbread or sugar cookies made by our wonderful kitchen staff and decorate it to their liking using frosting and sprinkles.