First Semester LABs Recaps

The final four days of each semester provide each class an opportunity to meet for a two-hour block for an end of semester assessment, either project based or a traditional exam.
The use of these blocks vary from course to course and teacher to teacher. While some will be used for traditional cumulative exams, others will be used for alternative assessments, presentations of projects, or field trips.
Spanish I and III Honors with Louis Cohen
Spanish I - After a 60-75 minute cumulative test, students practiced and acted out dialogues that incorporated much of their newer vocabulary and grammatical structures and then had fun singing traditional Christmas and Hannukah songs in Spanish.

Spanish III Honors - Students took a roughly one-hour cumulative exam that included vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension sections, after which they wrote a brief essay in which they compared and contrasted any two works of art on display in the classroom. After the test, they presented original radio and television interviews with fictional performing artists that they'd prepared in the final days of the term, complete with live or videotaped performances.
6th Grade English with Eleanor Day
Students chose their own book to read during November, then wrote a one-page summary and chose a character to describe in detail. On the day of their LAB, they came dressed and acted as their chosen character while they presented to the class about the life and experiences of the character from the book and answered any questions other students might have about them or their story. Jacob Bates ’25 went above and beyond by adding a mustache to his look for Shooting Lincoln by Nicholas J. C. Piston, and Peyton Green ’25 donned a trench coat as part of his disguise for Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.
Art II, Art III, and Portfolio Development with Tekla Zweir
Art II - Students learned about the Pop Art movement and then created paintings based on Wayne Thiebaud’s dessert series, utilizing delicious desserts as the subjects of their paintings. At the end of the LAB, the class reviewed each others work and enjoyed the sweets.

Art III and Portfolio Development - Students worked with visiting artist, Eva Leong. Eva brought in her most recent paintings to show and then the classes worked on oil paintings of birds or landscape paintings, respectively. The classes learned new approaches and techniques throughout the LAB. Eva's artwork can be viewed on her