Classics Students Attend Second Annual Manuscript Hack-a-thon

On Saturday, February 2, eight Classics students attended the second annual Manuscript Hack-A-Thon at the College of the Holy Cross.
Their hosts were members of the Holy Cross's Classics Department and the Manuscripts, Inscriptions, and Documents Club. Working with an eleventh century CE manuscript of Germanicus Caesar's Aratea and a first century BCE poem describing the constellations, students learned to record digitally paleographic observations, which is the act of recording samples of the scribe's handwriting. Following this, the students learned to code for, record digitally, and validate their digital edition of sections on the poem they were assigned.

Each student who participated in this project is being given credit as an editor when the digital edition is submitted for publication. The students who attended this year were Rachel Harris '22, Mary Madaus '21, Navia Ladd '21, Elizabeth Li '21, Tom Gardiner '21, Shawn Ciaciura '21, Gavin Seymour '21, and Braedon Hansen '21.