Halo Award Winners Announced

The Williams Theatre Department was recently nominated for 15 High School Halo Awards, which annually recognizes high school students' achievements in all aspects of theatre. Three of our students took home awards during the ceremony on June 3rd in Waterbury.
Dasha Klein '19 and Keri Doherty '20 won Best Performance by a Couple or Dynamic Duo in a Play for their roles as Narrator 1 & Narrator 2 in Game Of Tiaras, while Chloe Folts '20 won Best Actress for her role of Cinderella in Game of Tiaras and was recognized as an Outstanding Assistant Director for Rent.

A highlight of this special evening was Williams' performance of Seasons of Love from Rent.
2018-2019 Halo Award Nominees from the Williams School:
Nico Brown '19
Quella Gu '19
Fiona Morrison '23
Aodhan Hubble '22
Cameron Liberty '22
Aliya Khan '22
Sydney Swann '22
Anna Mirsky '19
James Denman '19
Samson Race Dorfman '19
Mimi Doherty '20
Nash Mendlinger '19