Day of Exploration

Our annual Day of Exploration gives sophomores and juniors a chance to really focus on the PSAT with minimal distractions, while also giving our other students and faculty a chance to partake on exciting educational excursions off campus.
Our annual Day of Exploration is beneficial for Williams students in two different ways. For our sophomores and juniors who sit for the PSAT, it allows them to take the test with a small group of peers in a familiar and comfortable setting, without the interruption of bells or noise in the hallway, whereas in years past they were given the test all together in the gym, which was potentially a more disruptive environment. For all other students, it allows them to gather with their graduating class and embark on a full-day excursion together, further away from campus than a field trip destination could be during a regular school day.
"This has huge benefits to all of our students and all of our faculty," Mrs. Jane Hannon, Assistant Head of School for Programs, explained. Mr. Peter Emanuel took the 6th grade to visit the Mark Twain House in Hartford, and Ms. Sarah Marvel took the 7th grade all the way up to Massachusetts to explore Plimoth Plantation. Mr. Joe Cote led the 8th grade to the New England Science and Sailing Foundation in Stonington, where they had a full day of kayaking in the cove, learning about wildlife, and building aquatic ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). Ms. Melissa Moss took the 9th grade to the Yale Art Museum, which may be relatively close but, as Mrs. Hannon explained, "in order to get the most out of it, you really need a full day."

Taking the seniors up to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI is one of the newer experiences offered, and was inspired by our more recent alums. "The feedback that we got was they wished we had helped them more in preparing for the transition to college in terms of health and wellness, such as effective coping strategies for stress levels, how to manage interpersonal relationships, and living with a roommate. Johnson and Wales has really devoted themselves to these concerns, and we have been really pleased with the outcome," Mrs. Hannon shared. Another major perk of the day was being able to enjoy some of the university's world-class culinary creations during lunch. "The food was amazing," Eric Sale said; an opinion shared by several of his classmates.