Recently at Williams

Our busy days are filled with fun activities and the ocassional venture off campus for first-hand learning opportunities!
Field Trip to the Palmer House in Stonington
Peter Emanuel's sixth grade Local History classes recently visited the Palmer House in Stonington after having studied the lives and accomplishments of brothers Nathaniel and Alexander Palmer. Nathaniel is often credited with the discovery of Antarctica, and Alexander received a gold medal from Queen Victoria for his bravery in saving British sailors from a shipwreck.

Spanish Scrabble
Louis Cohen's Spanish III class recently played their "Subjunctive Scrabble" game. It's like regular Scrabble, except that students must create Spanish words and they receive a ten-point bonus for any verb forms in the subjunctive.

Manuscrpt Hack-A-Thon at Holy Cross
Melissa Moss and nine students attended the Manuscript Hack-A-Thon at Holy Cross in Worcester over the weekend. They worked on creating a digital copy of a 9th century CE manuscript, the Phylilogus, of allegorical animal tales with Holy Cross Students and professors. Ms. Moss and the students will be named as contributing editors when the digital edition of this manuscript is published.

Mardi Gras Mask Making
Señora Cohen teamed up with art teacher Mrs. Zweir again to lead students through a mask-making activity in honor of Mardi Gras. Students were able to design their own festive masks with feathers, glitter, sequins, and the most important material of all - creativity.