Eighth Grade Project Night Recap

Eighth Grade Project Night is a chance for our eighth graders to showcase their skills and all the hard work they've been doing in their classes as they move ever closer to becoming Upper Schoolers.
This year began with dance and drama performances in the Daren Performing Arts Center, including monologues led by Jane Martineau and a Study in Transitions, choreographed by Bo Parish. After the performances, students demonstrated and explained the projects they designed for their Physical Science classes. Also on display were poster projects and artwork from their Geography, English, Spanish, Latin, and Art classes.
William Palmer and Marjae Beasley designed the Splasher 9000, which pours water into a cup through a series of wheel and axle movements. "We reviewed a few design options; there were some really interesting Rube Goldberg machines we wanted to try, but we eventually settled on something a little more simple," William explained. "We were inspired by previous models, and created our design over the course of about three days. We ran into a few problems along the way but rectified them with a few modifications. I really liked the whole experience - working on the project, and then Project Night itself."
Charlotte Steffian participated in Miss Bo's Study in Transitions dance for Enrichment. "Backstage was chaotic but it was so fun," she shared. "And having the parents come through was a nice experience."
Cameron Liberty took part in a number of projects for different classes, ranging from a coloring book for Latin, Desmos (computer programming) art for math, a bath bomb launcher for science, and a poster on LGBT issues in South Africa for history. "Preparing for Eighth Grade Project Night was stressful at times, but I was really proud of my LGBT poster - I thought the design came out really well, and I was proud of myself for dealing with such a tough topic. It was difficult for me to read about a lot of what's happening there, but I feel it was worth it."