FIMRC Fundraiser Results

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Williams School's chapter of FIMRC, several children will be able to have corrective surgery.
The Williams School hosted its first Cross Country Fun Run of the season against Hamden Hall and Christian Heritage School last week. The Fun Run also acted as the school's third annual fundraiser for MiracleFeet, an organization that helps with corrective surgery for children born with clubbed feet. This organization was chosen by members of the school's chapter of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC), which has been active at Williams for 10 years.
"We've done many things over the years, but this was our most successful fundraiser to date," art teacher, Cross Country Coach, and FIMRC Advisor Greg Bowerman explained. "We're extremely pleased with the level of participation this year, and we're hoping that this success may garner the interest of people outside of our community to support this organization as well."
“I think the Cross Country team did an unbelievable job with this fundraiser,” FIMRC student leader Reese Berman ’18 shared. “We raised a lot of money this year, twice as much as what I thought it would be - so much that we'll have enough for corrective surgery for five children, not just one or two.” Corrective surgery costs $240 per child. Thanks to the efforts of FIMRC and the Cross Country team, $700 was raised for MiracleFeet and was then matched by an anonymous donor for a total of $1,400. Reese has been active with FIMRC since last year, drawn to the group because of positive the impact their fundraising and actions can have on the world, and took on a leadership role this year, helping to organize and promote the fundraiser.
"We will continue to make this an annual event, thanks to your efforts and dedication," Greg shared.