Alumna Returns as Guest Dance Teacher

Martha (Morrison) Veranth is an alumna of WMI, Class of 1968, and recently returned as a guest teacher for Miss Bo's Dance III Advanced class.
Ms. Veranth lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has returned to visit and guest teach at Williams several times over the years.
"Martha is an energetic dancer and teacher who specializes in Scottish Country dancing," Bo shared. "Her enthusiasm and expertise inspired our students. Scottish Country dancing is not a relic from the past, it is still performed and enjoyed at social occasions and special events. The dances, although they may appear simple at first, are comprised of intricate pattens and specified steps. The figure 8, cast off, slip step, the arch, the right and left-shoulder reel, single hand turns, two hand turns and circle four hands round are just some of what our students experienced. It was easy to see the connection between Scottish Country dancing and American Square dance. Ms. Veranth, and her husband John, danced almost the whole time, making certain that everyone was sure about what to do and answering questions. She led a spirited warm-up, taught several selections, and finished the class with a fun, repetitive-pattern line dance that is often one of the last done toward the end of late night parties."