Williams Hosts Guest Speaker from Valley Forge National Historical Park

During this past Wednesday’s X Block, historian Blake McGready visited the Williams School to discuss the life of George Washington.
McGready is an American Revolution historian and a park ranger at Valley Forge National Historical Park. He is a published author whose works can be read online at the Journal of the American Revolution. He also has degrees in history from SUNY New Paltz and Villanova University.

McGready was first introduced to the Williams Community by Naomi Rodriguez, P'20, after they met at Valley Forge this past summer. She informed history teacher Peter Emanuel about him, and helped by funding his trip to CT.

“He developed an easy rapport with students by making connections to current culture and sports,” Peter said. “He also emphasized the importance of context in understanding why people acted in certain ways that might seem questionable.”
McGready’s presentation covered a number of Washington’s successes and failures, including Pope’s Day, the Punitive Expedition, and the Newburgh Conspiracy. He also included a number of artistic representations as well as humorous memes to help students relate better to the life and times of our first president.
    • Blake McGready