Save the Date for the First Williams Coffeehouse of the School Year!

Sponsored by the Williams' Parents Association, we will be holding our first Coffeehouse of the year on Friday, December 7th in the Daren Performing Arts Center. Everyone in the community is welcome to participate!
Have you always wanted to be in the spotlight? Do you sing in the shower and know it’s time to share your wonderful voice? Do you have an old violin languishing in your basement just waiting to be played? Yes? Then your time has come!

On Friday, December 7, Williams will be holding our first Coffeehouse of the school year in the Daren Performing Arts Center from 5:30-7:30PM, sponsored by the Williams Parents Association. Everyone in the Williams community is invited to perform - and we mean everyone! Students, parents, grandparents, staff, and faculty are all welcome! You could sing a solo, perform in a group, read a poem, dance a dance, juggle, display your artwork or create an album of photographs for us all to enjoy. Anything goes!

In a few days, Mr. Holt will be sharing more information, including an opportunity to sign up to participate in the Coffeehouse. You will also be invited to tell us what you would like to perform or showcase so that we include that information in the evening's program. Please Save The Date!