The Service Committee Brightens the Lives of Children’s Hospital Patients

The Service Committee’s recent Friendship Bracelet Fundraiser for the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital was another great success, helping to bring smiles to the faces of many young patients and providing art supply kits valued at $125.
"It is impossible to put into words the delight of the children when they are presented with things like the bracelets. Imagine lying around all day, or sitting in an infusion chair for hours - after a while even the most riveting video game might get tedious. The Williams bracelets are so colorful and the inspiring words will truly make a difference - even for a brief moment - for the children, so for that we are grateful," Alison Smith Marcinek P ’06, ‘10, ‘13 and Oncology Service Line Coordinator of Yale New Haven Children's Hospital wrote.
Niha Burugapalli '20 is currently organizing the Service Committee's next project, which is creating Valentine's Day cards for residents of the Fairview Retirement Community in Groton. Be on the lookout for ways to participate soon!