Students Prepare for Spring Break Trip with Special Guest Speaker

The 22 students who will be taking a trip to Eastern Europe over Spring Break this March hosted a very special guest on Wednesday.
Mrs. Jana Minar was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, which is one of the destinations for this trip, and immigrated to the United States in 1965. She was only seven years old when WWII ended and ten years old when communists took over her country. She reflected on her life experiences, trying not to focus on the war but instead on where life took her after that. Upon immigrating to America, she lived in the Czech section of New York City for the next 13 years, and learned to speak English from watching Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and Captain Kangaroo. After NYC, she moved to New London and worked at the Coast Guard Academy for the next 30 years. She spoke fondly of her family, and the importance of maintaining your roots and family values.

Mrs. Minar advised the students on what to eat, what famous people were from Czechoslovakia, and what sites to add to their itinerary. She brought pictures and gave students a set of phrases with correct pronunciations. "It was so enlightening to have Mrs. Minar come in to speak with us, and to make our worlds and hearts that much bigger," Faculty Chaperone and Art Teacher Greg Bowerman shared.
    • Mrs. Jana Minar addresses students

    • Mrs. Jana Minar addresses students

    • The students listen intently to learn about the Velvet Theatre, famous for its puppeteers. Nico demonstrates his puppetry skills on Quella.