AP Exams Will Take Place in May; Please Register By March 4

The weeks of May 6-10 and May 13-17, The Williams School will be administering Advanced Placement (AP) exams to select Upper School students, primarily in the eleventh and twelfth grade.
Those students who alert us of their wish to take AP exams, have conversations with relevant faculty as to the appropriateness of those exams, and submit payment in full by Monday, March 4 will be able to participate. Please note that classes will still be in session at this time, thus any students taking exams will be responsible for the material they miss from affected classes.
Currently, those students enrolled in the following courses, though not designated AP, have engaged in a curriculum that strongly supports their sitting for the specific exam that relates to their course(s):
  • Calculus I Advanced (AP Calc AB exam)
  • Calculus II Advanced (AP Calc BC exam)
  • English III or English IV Advanced (AP Literature & Composition/AP Language & Composition)
  • Honors Physics (AP Physics I: Algebra-Based exam)
  • Physics II Advanced (AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based exam)
  • Spanish V Advanced (AP Spanish Language and Culture exam)
  • United States History Advanced (AP US History exam)
It is important to note that teachers for some of the listed courses above express taking the relevant AP exams as a course expectation, while others leave the decision up to parents and students. We offer AP exams in subjects for which our courses offer full preparation for the exam.
The cost to take an AP exam is $94 per exam. If your student is interested in participating, please complete the form that can be found in your myW portal. Please indicate which exams your student wishes to take, and send payment (a check made payable to The Williams School) to the College Counseling Office by Monday, March 4. Late registrations will not be accepted.
Students are encouraged to speak with their teachers if they have questions about taking certain AP exams, especially if their coursework has not followed an AP-endorsed curriculum. For specific exam dates and times, please visit the 
    • AP Exams