Williams Students Compete in Class in an Artificial Intelligence Coding Program

Congratulations to Tom Gardiner '21 for winning the first annual Intro to Coding Greeps Competition!
Tom wrote a highly effective artificial intelligence algorithm that allowed his aliens, known as Greeps, to collect the most food from 10 worlds. This alien simulation program, created by Greenfoot Software, was a fun and challenging way to learn about discrete time simulation, as well as basic artificial intelligence. "I was especially impressed when Tom contacted and received a response from the author of our textbook and creator of Greenfoot Software, Professor Michael Kolling of King’s College London," math teacher David Gudbrandsen shared. "Tom wrote to clarify one of the rules of the competition that was in dispute in our classroom. It turns out that Tom was correct in his interpretation of the rules! Needless to say, I'm giving Tom extra credit for this bold move!"

Honorable mentions go to Ashton Medick '22 and Rachel Harris '22 for coming in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.
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