Student Government Elections and Spring Spirit Week Information

Both Student Government general election nominations and Spring Spirit Week will take place April 22nd-26th.
The nomination forms for the Student Government positions of Chair, Treasurer, and Judiciary Board will be made available via email to the student body on Monday, April 22.

Spirit Week will feature dress-up days as well as a dodgeball tournament during assemblies with grades competing for spirit points, which will be awarded based on participation.

Dress Up Days 
Monday, April 22nd - Country Day 
On Country Day, students should wear clothing representing a country (e.g. USA, China, Kiribati, etc.). Outfits can represent the flag, colors, or culture of a country. Hats and face paint will be allowed on this day, but otherwise normal dress code applies. If it is a part of dressing up for the day, students can wear sweatpants or leggings for $1.

Tuesday, April 23rd - Twin Day 
On Twin Day, two or more students should wear matching outfits. Spirit points will be awarded during snack in the Student Center. Twinning is allowed between students of any grade, or even with teachers. Hats will be allowed. If it is a part of dressing up for the day, students can wear sweatpants or leggings for $1. 

Wednesday, April 24th - Earth Day 
On Earth Day, spirit points will not be awarded, but students are encouraged to wear earth tones, or some other nature-inspired outfit (with plants, animals, etc.). Normal dress code applies. Students are reminded that activities will be both indoors and outdoors, so students need to dress accordingly -- be mindful of weather, choose footwear wisely, and keep in mind what activities you will be participating in. 

Thursday, April 25th - Meme Day 
On Meme Day, students should dress up in the likeness of or in reference to an internet meme. The outfit should be school-appropriate and shouldn’t reference an inappropriate meme. Hats will be allowed, and, if it is a part of dressing up for the day, students can pay $1 to wear sweatpants or leggings. 

Friday, April 26th - Skittles Day 
For Skittles Day, each grade has been assigned a color (listed below) and students are encouraged to wear something of that color in their outfit. While normal dress code will apply, students may wear face paint and hats, as well as leggings or sweatpants for $1 as long as they are a part of dressing up for the day. 

6th Grade - Yellow 
7th Grade - Red 
8th Grade - Green 
Freshmen - Grey 
Sophomores - Blue 
Juniors - White 
Seniors - Black 
Faculty - Pink 

Please note: During Spirit Week, if a student’s outfit proves to be a distraction or is deemed otherwise inappropriate, the faculty reserves the right to ask the student to remove the distracting component of the outfit or change clothing entirely. In addition, an important distinction should be made between hats, which are approved for certain days and do not cover the face, and masks, which cover the face and will not be allowed on any days. 

While faculty will not earn points for dressing up, they are nonetheless encouraged to do so in order to enhance the overall spirit during Spirit Week. 

Dodgeball Tournament
The assembly on Tuesday, April 24th will have two dodgeball games: 6th Grade vs. 7th Grade, followed by 9th Grade vs. 12th Grade. 

The assembly on Thursday, April 25th will also have two dodgeball games: 10th Grade vs. 11th Grade, followed by the Middle School final. 

Friday, April 26th will follow an old Wednesday schedule (shorter classes and a longer 9th period, beginning at 2:15PM). Two dodgeball games will take place during this extended 9th period: the Upper School final and the Winner vs. Faculty game. The dodgeball games will be followed by a pep rally featuring brief presentations by the sports team captains and a rap battle. 

All games will be held in the big gym using dodgeball equipment supplied by the Athletics Department.