RENT – Spring Musical Preview and Cast List

Please join us for Williams production of RENT, April 25-27 at 7:00PM.
Theatre Director Jane Martineau shares the following overview:

RENT School Edition tells the story of a group of young people trying to discover who they are, what they stand for, and who they can trust. They are looking for a "connection in an isolated age." They are individuals who support each other's differences, while relishing in their common ground. Mostly, however, they just want to become successful members of society by doing something they believe in. 

We understand the subject matter Jonathan Larson chose to address in RENT contains mature topics and can even be considered controversial by some. But RENT School Edition is not about homosexuality, it is not about AIDS, and it is not about drug use. It is about a community of people, each with their own quirks and problems, finding a way to live together. 

Mark Cohen - Nico Brown
Roger Davis  - James Denman
Mimi Marquez - Zhe Quella Gu
Tom Collins - Samson Race Dorfman
Angel Dumott Schunard - Elliot Dombkowski
Maureen Johnson - Keren Doherty
Joanne Jefferson - Darya Klein
Benny Coffin, The Man  - Nash Mendlinger
Gordon, Police, The Man, Pastor, Ensemble - Cassius Kane 
Mr. Jefferson, Police, Ensemble  - Mark Joseph Sullivan
Mrs. Jefferson, Ensemble - Madeline Hubble
Mrs. Cohen, Ensemble - Meira Doherty   
Lexi Darling, Restaurant Girl, Pam, Ensemble - Cameron Liberty
Support Group Soloist-Liz, Ensemble - Rachel Harris
Seasons of Love Soloist, Mrs. Davis, Ensemble - Emiko Fletcher
Vendor, Mrs. Marquez, Ensemble  - Sydney Swann
Blanket Person, Ensemble  - Anna Mirsky
Ensemble - Skye Gardiner, Aliya Khan, Ashton Medick, Gabriella Seidel   

The Pit Band
Under the Direction of Simon Holt
Anna Terry - Viola
Haipeng “Mike” Yan - Cello
Noah Shafner - Keyboard
Guitar - Ben Fauerbach
Alessandra D'Arcy - Keyboard (Act 2)
Cyrus D'Arcy - Keyboard (Act I)
Kayla Capano - Clarinet
Aidan Schuler - Drums

Production Crew
Director - Jane R. Martineau
Assistant to the Director/Stage Manager - Chloe Folts 
Director of Music - Simon Holt
Director of Dance/Choreographer - Barbara Parish
Lighting and Set Design - Jane R. Martineau
Graffitti Painting -Chloe DeLima, the Cast
Lights - The Production Class
Dimmer Board - Alex McAusher 
Sound Board  - Aodhan Hubble
Sound Effects Operator - Fiona Morrison
Microphone Wranglers - Cameron Liberty, Aliya Khan, Sydney Swann
Prop Running Crew - Kylie Lombardie, Leah Potoff
Costumes - The Cast
Make-up Crew  - Elliot Dombkowski, Chloe DeLima, Rachel Rao, the Cast
House Manager  - William Oliver  
Program Cover Design - Rachel Hutchins
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