Williams Students Excel in 2019 DMV - Travelers Teen Safe Driving Contest

Last December, Williams students submitted short videos to the Travelers Teen Safe Driving Contest.
The contest is in its 10th year and this year's theme was "Wait - What Can WE Do?" The DMV received over 200 submissions from 35 schools across the state, and Williams was recognized for having the most submissions from a single school.
Katie Burzin '20 took second place for the video she directed, entitled Keep Your Eyes on the Road. Joining Katie in the short film were juniors Keri Doherty, Finny Ensminger, Kylie Lombardi, Kat Petrosky, Madi Pralea, and seniors Alexandros Tsipouras and John Wu.
Williams was awarded a combined $7,000 for Katie’s video and for being the school to submit the most videos; the winnings will help enrich Williams’ art and film education program.
The DMV [link] provided the following prompt for the contest: “Distractions and other unsafe behaviors behind the wheel can create dangerous situations for teen drivers and their passengers. This year's contest focuses on the teen driver and positive group decision-making. Engage the viewer in positive examples in your video of how the driver and people around them can take a moment, pause and keep the vehicle safe when driving with the goal of obeying Connecticut's teen safe driving laws. In other words, show us a creative way a teen driver and the people around them can influence a positive decision to drive responsibly to avoid distractions, prevent breaking the law or avoid a crash - and have a positive outcome.”
Congratulations to our talented and thoughtful students!