Williams Memorial Institute Alum Returns to Lead X-Block

During Wednesday's X-Block, 6th and 9th grade students gathered in the Performing Arts Center to listen to presentations by Mary Lycan '64 and Tom Schuch about the life of emancipated slave and educator Ichabod Pease.
"The Ichabod Pease story is a significant piece of virtually unknown New London history," said Tom, whose mother graduated from Williams Memorial Institute in 1940. "My personal goal is to give it the recognition it deserves, and I would love to see New London's schools, both public and private, be a part of that recognition."
Mary Lycan '64 is currently a UConn student who is a perfect example of Williams’ mission to foster lifelong learners. She is particularly focused on American history in the late 1700s through early 1800s and has adopted the research and retelling of Ichabod Pease's life story as one of her primary projects, having studied his health and emancipation documents and real estate transactions to piece together a narrative. She and Tom both shared some of these documents and photographs, including a recently unearthed photo of the small school for African American students which Ichabod founded in 1837.
    • Mary Lycan '64

    • Tom Schuch