Evening with the Arts

Our annual Evening with the Arts took place on Tuesday night and included a variety of student created and performed artwork.
Ethan Shao ’20 performed an original song on guitar and Digital Imaging Advanced students showed three original short films inspired by German Expressionism. Noah Shafner ’19 viewed the films and selected music that worked with each film and then performed the music live while the films were screened. A selection of other class projects were also viewed, including Vintage Postcard Videos, Music Videos, and DMV Public Service Announcements. The evening closed with a performance by Chicken Wire (comprised of seniors Sam Dorfman, Nico Brown, Nash Mendlinger, James Denman, and Ben Fauerbach).

An exhibition of photography, paintings, and drawings will remain on view in the PAC and the catwalk for the next few weeks.

Williams extends its gratitude to Tekla Zweir, Jane Martineau, Simon Holt, Megan Lowney, Alexandros Tsipouras ’19, Nash Mendlinger ’19, Ruchi Ladd ’20, Kylie Lombardi ’20, and Niha Burugapalli ’20. The Arts Department would like to give special thanks to Ethan Shao for organizing all the films and videos, setting up and running all the technology, and making sure the event ran smoothly.

Photo Enrichment Students
John Buckley ’23
Joe Cote ’23
Lucy Fader ’23
Ali Griswold ’23
Lemur Han ’23
David Liu ’23
Emerson McAraw ’23
Callum McKillop ’23
Jennifer Zhang ’23

Digital Imaging Students
*Zain Alam ’19
*Harry Anselmi ’20
*Eli Bunnell ’20
*Katie Burzin ’20
*Finny Ensminger ’20
*Matt King ‘20
*James Knowlton ’20
*David Kohanski ’20
*Sebastian Marshall ’20
*Madi Pralea ’20
*Sophia Salgar ’20
*Ethan Shao ’20
*Alexandros Tsipouras ’19
Nico Brown ’19
Chloe DeLima ’20
Samson Dorfman ’19
Ben Fauerbach ’19
Tom Gardiner ’21
Grayson Guinan ’21
Braedon Hansen ’21
Kat Petrosky ’20
Morgan Pill ’20
Ariel Sapozhnikov ’19
Alex Shirvani ’21
John Wu ’19
Jacob Cohn ’21
Jack Connelly ’21
Jake Daitch ’21
JD DeLaurentis ’21
Nash Mendlinger ’19
*Digital Imaging Advanced Students 

Studio Art Students
*Nick Bonner ’19
*Charlotte He ’19
*Dasha Klein ’19
*Grace Powell ’19
Ruchi Ladd ’20
Kylie Lombardi ’20
Rachel Luxton ’20
Leah Potoff ’20
Hartmut Doerwaldt ’21
Hunter Dolphin ’20
Ellie Fader ’21
Kisuq Levy ’22
Jackson Meisner ’21
Amanda Nessel ’21
William Palmer ’22
Lily Sabetta ’21
Lily Shea ’21
Lauren Spitzer ’22
Anna Terry ’21
Robbie Darling ’22
Alex Doerwaldt ’22
Skye Gardiner ’21
Phil Knowlton ’22
John Lian ’21
Rachel Wang ’22
Stephen Zhang ’21
Jack Ancona ’22
Maria Angelini ’22
Lily Fowler ’22
Sterling Frost ’22
Aodhan Hubble ’22
Joshua Laggis ’22
Hayden Lambek ’22
Sydney Lundgren ’22
William Oliver ’22
Colby Potts ’22
Rachel Rao ’22
Carly Straub ’22
Junhan Yang ’22
Emma Zang ’21
*Portfolio Development Advanced