"Everybody" entertains community

Students performed Branden Jacobs-Jenkins pulitzer-nominated play Everybody from November 14-16, 2019 in the Daren Performing Arts Center. The play grapples with the idea of mortality; the common experiences we all face in life and how they all add up when one reaches death.  
 Rachel Harris ’22 plays the role of “everybody” her portrayal of a person experiencing vivid dreams that challenge her relationships, ideas, and notions about herself and her experience has both innocent and worldly moments. She encounters characters like Kinship, played by Niha Burugapalli ’20, Friendship, played by Helena Dombkowski ’21, Cousins, played by Meira Doherty ’20 and Chloe Folts ’20. These “characters” act as representations for larger groups and factions of people we experience in our life, while other students played even more conceptual characters like, stuff, beauty, courage, knowledge, and senses. 
The show’s “black box” aesthetic was embellished with unique contributions from Students and Faculty. Modular staging as given to the school as part of the Class of 2019 Senior Parent Gift was arranged into a square arranging the audience on all four sides of the stage.  Director of Theatre, Jane Martineau’s passion for puppetry was infused in the show as cast members and members of the school’s puppet tribe club moved glowing skeletons across the stage set to music composed by Anna Terry ’21. Anna, a dedicated viola player composed the music for the show, and arranged it for piano and guitar for students Ethan Shao ’20 and Eric Yan ’23 to accompany the show.

This talented group created a unique and entertaining show that challenged the typical thinking of high school students and was ultimately fearless, authentic, and a true joy to watch.  We look forward to seeing upcoming productions of Winterfest on December 5th, Compchorea at the end of February, and Pippin in April.