Co-Curricular Requirement

Co-Curricular Requirement

Each student in the Upper School must complete two co-curricular credits per year. A co-curricular credit is either a season (fall, winter and spring) of an interscholastic sport or a season-long independent program.*
Any student who is a team member in an interscholastic sport for a season earns a credit for that season. Students who do not play on interscholastic teams must follow an independent program to receive credits. If students are involved in outside athletic programs (i.e. gymnastics, dance, riding, etc.) with instructors with whom they meet regularly, they must complete and submit an Independent Co-Curricular Application to the Athletic Department at the beginning of each season. No co-curricular credit will be awarded if the student fails to complete an independent study program or fails to submit the required paperwork.
* Any student who takes a Dance Department course (Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced) for a semester completes one co-curricular credit.
Additional options for earning a co-curricular credit include:

First Semester

Fall Play Cast Member (by audition only)
Fall Play String Quartet (by audition only)
Fall Play Assistant to the Director (by invitation only)
Media Team (approval required)
Compchorea (Ms. Bo’s dance, audition only)
Compchorea (Assistant to the Choreographer (by invitation only)

Second Semester

Spring Musical Cast Member (by audition only)
Spring Musical Pit Band Member (by audition only)
Musical Pit Band Assistant to the Director (by invitation only)
Media Team (approval required)
Year Book Editor in Chief (approval required)
Middle School Art Club Student Assistant (by invitation only)

List of 2 members.

  • Mr. Kevin Steuer 

    Athletic Director
    Northeastern University - MS
    Endicott College - BS
  • Ms. Emily McNally 

    Head Athletic Trainer

Wednesday, 11/7/2018

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Soccer Varsity Girls
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