Learning Assessment Blocks (LABs)

In lieu of traditional exams in all subjects, the final four days of each semester will provide each class an opportunity to meet for a single two-hour block. The uses of these blocks will vary from course to course and teacher to teacher. While some will be used for traditional cumulative exams, others will be used for alternative assessments, presentations of projects, field trips, or as a longer-than-usual stretch of uninterrupted teaching time. Each of the four days will include two learning/assessment periods organized by scheduling time block (A, B, C, etc.). 

Students who ride the bus and are therefore at school during an open time block should gather in the Learning Commons for silent study or the Student Center for socializing. Otherwise, students are not expected in school if they do not have an assessment in a particular block. They should be dropped off and picked up accordingly.

LABs - December 2017

  • The Many Faces and Facets of Diversity - English (6th Grade)
  • Art Therapy Painting - Psych & Lit
  • An Idea of Hell, based on the Inferno - Criminals in Literature
  • Frankenstein Debate - Other Gods and Monsters
  • An Experience of the Sixties - History of the 60s
  • Delving into Historical Newspapers - Modern World History
  • Discussion of International Climate Change Policies - Geography
  • Discussion of the 1917 Russian Revolution - Russian History
  • Owl Pellet Dissection - Life Science
  • Seed Crystal and Chemical Garden Growth Lab - Chemistry
  • Superhero/Villain Project  based on "The Book of Life" - Spanish 8
  • iMovie project based on "Casi Casi" - Spanish II
  • Pecha Kucha Presentations - Spanish IV/V
  • Making Tunics and Wax Tablets - Introduction to Classical Languages
  • Watercolor Painting at Mystic Aquarium - Art II
  • Encaustic Workshop with Guest Speaker Amy Hannum - Art III
  • Printmaking Workshop - Art I
  • Old Age Makeup Application - Acting IB

LABs - May 2017

  • The trial of Roger, one of the antagonists in Lord of the Flies - English 8
  • Geography games on iPad - Class vs Teacher - Geography (8th Grade)
  • A visit from two Civil War Reenactors - American History (7th Grade)
  • Ancient World History Board Game
  • Macroeconomics Podcast
  • Squid Dissection - Life Science (6th Grade)
  • Oceanography Lecture by Dr. Bob Ballard, Professor of Oceanography at URI
  • Biology lab focused on the senses
  • Honors Chemistry electrodeposition of copper
  • Spanish IV Field Trip to Mystic Art Museum
  • Mural Walk in New London
  • Karaoke and Improv in Musical Theatre
  • Art I projects in Mandala, Tie Dye, Batik, and Silk Painting
  • Digital Imaging I and II: Solar Plate Etching and Printing (in the Printing Lab at Connecticut College)
  • Old fashioned field day for Middle School Enrichment (due to rain it was held in our gyms)
  • Virtual Lab in Honors Physics
  • Local History (6th Grade) Field Trip to Gillette Castle State Park
  • A variety of presentations on course work: Song of Solomon (English III), US History, Environmental Science, Topics in Physics, and Composer - Musician - Performer (Music Theory and Composition)