School Life


Prize Day May 6, 2019

On Prize Day we recognize the scholastic, artistic, and community achievements of our senior and junior students. We do this because we believe and are committed to the Mission of our School to foster the intellectual, moral, creative, and physical development of students in preparation for college, lifelong learning, and active participation in an evolving world.
You might ask why the recognition of a few students, however gifted and hard-working, should serve this mission. The answers to the question come on many levels. First, academic achievement should be acknowledged.  Second, highly successful performance in demanding tasks, be they academic, athletic or artistic, and the active engagement of our students in our community and the greater community, contributes to a better world for all of us, and we wish to express our appreciation. Third, we might also be motivated as individuals to follow the example of those who not only lead by example but also succeed so well.
       In noting those who have demonstrated real achievement, we recognize the value Williams places on active pursuit of learning. In personal terms, each of us as students, teachers, and staff can see that we derive benefit from the stimulation of such strong company: this is a place we wish to be because there are such people among us, and we are with them. We should not so much feel competition as collegiality, the potential for excitement that comes from being with impressive peers. They can affect our lives in a positive way ‑ and we theirs.